Ink is spilled over China every day. There is a myriad of sites, magazines and columns out there that unpack this nation as it changes both itself and the world around it. But we feel that there is too much focus at the center – trending news and policy – that ignores the white space around the edges of China coverage. At the China Channel, we hope to fill that white space – painting a more complete picture of China that brings to life Chinese culture, society, politics and history in all their addictive complexity.

As befits our literary remit, we bring you plenty of reviews of books both from and about China, as well as shorter ‘Staff Picks’ of books and other work from the archive that deserve a second look. Our ‘Chinese Corner’ feature focuses on the complexities of the Chinese language(s), while ‘Borderlands’ looks at the fringes of the nation, and the ‘Diaspora’ column casts our gaze beyond to Chinese communities overseas. We prioritize translation as an essential way to highlight Chinese voices, both nonfiction and fiction.

While culture is a core interest, our vision extends far beyond that. Original essays and dispatches delve into lesser-explored corners of Chinese society and history, from graffiti in modern Beijing to the Orientalist ballet that torpedoed Sino-Soviet relations. We’re looking at China’s politics and economics, but also its philosophy and ethnicities, new memes and hidden histories. Above all, we take ‘China’ to mean more than just the People’s Republic Of, but to encompass the broader Sinosphere at large.

In short, it’s a mixed meal of four to five new articles a week – full of surprises and delights both for the Sinophile who already watches China, and for the Sinocurious who is just opening Pandora’s box. So whether you are a China geek or newbie, dive deeper with us.

The Editors