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Afra Wong on Podcasting in Chinese


Loud Murmurs is one of the only podcasts in Mandarin that discusses American pop culture. Run by a team of Chinese-American women, the podcast covers topics ranging from deconstructing Netflix shows to discussing Crazy Rich Asians. Afra Wong, one of the key members of Loud Murmurs, tells Lev Nachman what their podcast is about, how she and her team decided to start the podcast, and what some of the ins and outs of running a Chinese podcast are like.

Oolong Podcast

Yangyang Cheng on Science Writing


The second season of the Oolong podcast continues with Yangyang Cheng, a particle physicist who in her spare time writes insightful op-eds about science, technology, and contemporary Chinese politics. With host Lev Nachman, she discusses how she got interested in writing for a wider audience, how she became interested in physics in the first place, and some of the challenges she and other Chinese scientists are facing in today's political climate.

Oolong Podcast

Leta Hong Fincher on Feminism in China

An Episode of the Oolong Podcast

Hosted by Lev Nachman, we return for a second season of the Oolong podcast. Our first guest, Leta Hong Fincher, is one of the foremost experts on feminism in contemporary China. She discusses her latest book Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China, delves into some of the challenges she faced during her writing process, and touches on other details about what feminism looks like in a Chinese context. Listen to the podcast here.


Bringing Political Science to the Taiwanese Masses

Lev Nachman talks to Yen Wei-ting, founder and contributor to the blog and book, “Who Governs?”

菜市場政治學 – literally “Food Market Political Science,” or its official English name “Who Governs?” is a blog and a book that translates ivory-tower political science concepts into easy, understandable language for a Taiwanese audience. Originally, the blog was started by professor Yen Wei-Ting who, at the time of the blogs' founding, was a graduate student. 

Oolong Podcast

From Translator to Editor

Anne Henochowicz on navigating careers in China Studies

In episode three of the Oolong Podcast, Lev strikes closer to home, interviewing one of the China Channel’s executive editors, Anne Henochowicz. Learn how Anne went from studying ethnomusicology in Inner Mongolia to becoming the translations editor for China Digital Times, as well as the path that led her to becoming one of the editors of the China Channel and a widely published translator: