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Tiananmen’s Final Secret1 min read

Explosive new information revealed at Tiananmen’s 30th birthday


Tuesday June 4 marked the 30th anniversary of the deadly crackdown ordered by Deng Xiaoping, which killed hundreds – maybe thousands – of people in Beijing and Chengdu. While the campaign to erase all memory of the event continues, explosive new information has emerged in the lead up to the anniversary.  It reveals new details about resistance to the crackdown among the military and how the Communist Party managed the aftermath of Tiananmen. Former student leaders Wang Dan and Zhou Fengsuo as well as the publisher of The Last Secret, Bao Pu and Joseph Torigian of American University join us in this episode to discuss these revelations and what life is like in exile for the student leaders.

This is an episode of the Little Red Podcast, hosted by Graeme Smith and Louisa Lim, and is syndicated with permission.

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